Glasgow Pet Cremations

Glasgow Pet Cremations, Works in partnership with our Experienced Veterinary Surgeon Laura, who will treat you and your pet with sincere care and empathy before, during and after the gentle euthanasia procedure

We at Glasgow Pet Cremations, Believe Pet Euthanasia should only ever be considered as a last resort.
Its a very difficult decision, we love our pets dearly, they are our family,  But sometimes, when all treatment has failed and your pet is in pain or distress its a decision we have to face, In these cases, the question arises whether your pet should be put to sleep or not.

Laura will advise you and give Her professional opinion, whether it’s time to for your pet to be euthanised or not after examining him/her thoroughly.

Please feel free to contact Laura, she is available 7 days a week and are fully qualified veterinary surgeons with vast experience. and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have about home euthanasia.

What to expect with Pet Euthanasia At Home 

Laura will support you through the the procedure -answer any questions that you may have – Pre-Assessment – Pre-Sedation Drifting into Calm Sleep -Pass Away Gently and Peacefully.

Glasgow Pet Cremations 

If you haven’t already booked your pets individual cremation with Glasgow Pet Cremations, Laura will be happy to call us whilst at your home and help with the cremation booking, If you have already booked your pets cremation with Glasgow Pet Cremations, our vet will be happy to take your pet at that time, if for any reason it is not possible, Please be assured we will arrange collection of your pet ASAP.

Gentle Home Euthanasia Pricing

A full assessment of quality of life and health is given. Price includes sedation to ensure the animal is relaxed and gentle euthanasia. There is no restrictions to family members being present and no time limits. When your pets cremation is booked with Glasgow Pet Cremations, We can offer to take your pet away at the time.

Small Pet – £255

Cat/Rabbit – £260

Small Dog <10kg – £265

Medium / Large Dog 11kg-40kg – £275

XL Large dog >41kg – £290

Pricing for Gentle at home Euthanasia is determined based on pet’s weight and breed.
When making a same day booking there is an additional £70 same day booking surcharge.
If our vet has to travel more than 45 minutes to your address there may be an additional transport fee, you will be advised of the total fee in advance of the booking.


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